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5 advantages of video content and how you can use it

Video content can be utilised within all of forms of digital marketing to help boost reach, engagement and sales. This includes websites, email marketing, electronic billboards and social media. The advantages? Read on to find out how this could help boost your audience reach.

1. Conversions and sales

It’s no secret that people are more interested in watching rather than reading, it’s human nature. As a result of this, video marketing engagement results are a lot higher than that of text forms of marketing, such as emails. People would rather watch than read, which is why social media is more predominantly utilised to market today rather than email. As a matter of fact, only 18% of people who see ads in a text-based format will actually click on them. On top of that, marketers who utilise video-based marketing will see a 49% faster growth rate in revenue than that of non-video marketers.

2. The popularity of video

People are hooked on video-based content. movies, tv, programmes, documentaries they are all forms of video content. Studies show that 45% of people on the globe watch an hour or more of video per day, that’s nearly 4 billion people who watch a lot of video everyday. It is a good idea to invest in some video content, especially as your competition both local and international are very likely to be using video-based content themselves. This is why YouTube is such a popular platform for both consumers and businesses. After Google, YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. Do not forget, YouTube is a video-based platform.  Users view more than 1 billion hours of video everyday on YouTube alone.

3. Portability

Smartphones and portable devices are common in today’s day and age. Most smartphones hold a data plan, where users can utilise the internet just about anywhere by using their data. Smartphones are extremely popular for watching video content on, not to mention people can interact with their social media from their smartphones, meaning more video-based ads reach more consumers and businesses. As a matter of fact, Facebook states that users are 1.5 times more likely to view a video on their smartphones than on any other device.  Not only can video content be utilised on mobile phones, but also on many other platforms, such as most gaming consoles, televisions, tablets, etc.  A standard has been set when developing a tech platform – that standard is that video content must be accessible.

4. Multiple platforms

Many platforms support a form of media, social media being one of them. Both ads and entertainment are plentiful on social media. On Twitter alone, more than 82% of its users watch video content. Bare in mind that as of March 2019 Twitter had 330 million active users. 82% of them watch video content. Statistics show that on Facebook alone, posting video-based content will increase user engagement and reach by 33%.  Not only can video content be used on social media to market, but also across factors such as webinars, blogs, presentations and so forth.

5. Increase in engagement

As mentioned previously, people will engage more in video-based content over text-based content. Due to this, it is a popular form of marketing across many different businesses across the globe. Even including video content in text-based formats of marketing see huge increases in engagement – for example, including video based content in an email sees an increase of 200-300% in click-through rates.  There are two important factors to look at:

  • Popularity of the platform
  • Target audience

The popularity of the platform is basic – the more popular, the more potential people to engage with. However, when looking at your target audience, you need to establish what platform of social media is best for you. As an example, for businesses looking to engage other businesses through video content, Linkedin is likely the best platform to utilise due to the fact that interaction is mainly B2B on this platform.

Understanding how video content and video marketing works can ultimately help you to  reaching out to consumers.

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